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At Greenlight, Home Inspections


What does a Home Inspection cover?

Inspections include examinations of the following:

EXTERIOR - grading, vegetation, driveways, decks porches, walkways.
STRUCTURE - foundation, floor, walls, ceilings, structure, drainage, wall cladding.
ROOFING - roofs, roof coverings, roof drainage, skylights, roof penetrations.
ELECTRICAL - service drops/cables, service panels, wiring systems, receptacles.
HEATING AND COOLING - heating and cooling systems, venting systems
INSULATION AND VENTILATION - thermal insulation, moisture management.
PLUMBING - water supply, pipes, fixtures, faucets, water heating, drain waste, vent systems.
INTERIOR - walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, steps, railings, countertops, cabinets and drawers.
FIREPLACE AND CHIMNEY - flues, dampers, hearths.
GARAGES - doors, ventilation, safety issues.

How much does a Home Inspection cost?

Greenlight Home Inspections generally charges by square footage of the house. However, other items may influence the fee, such as, multiple heating zones, crawl spaces, access, excessive travel, type of dwelling, age of house.

Who hires a Home Inspector?

Generally, a prospective buyer will order an Inspection prior to settlement. In many cases, the seller of a property will order an Inspection to see if there are any issues with the house. We have also seen a rise of current homeowner who may have lived in the house for a number of years order an inspection to determine if there are any major issues or repairs needed to the property.

What happens if repairs are needed to the house?

A home inspector generally identifies a problem and a basic course of action. A Home Inspector may not offer to perform repairs since this could be a conflict of interest. The Inspector will usually recommend repair by a licensed contractor or tradesman.

Does an Inspector have to climb the roof?

Short answer - No. NAHI and most organizations do not require an Inspector to "walk the roof." However, Greenlight Home Inspections will attempt to climb and inspect most roofs from the top if possible. A roof can be better observed from being "up close and personal." Keep in mind, many roofs can be damaged by walking on it. Some examples are slate, wood shakes, terra-cotta, and metal. Some roofs may be too high to reach, especially townhomes, or slope too steeply to be safe. Snow covered, wet, moldy, or roofs with excessive debris can also pose problems. High winds can also restrict roof access.

What method of payments are accepted?

Checks, Credit Cards, Paypal, Zelle or Cash

What other services does Greenlight Home Inspections offer?

Greenlight Home Inspections offers Radon Testing, Baltimore County Rental Inspections, Baltimore City HQS inspections, and Drone inspections for roofs.  In addition, Greenlight home inspections is available for presentations of any Home inspection subject, for Realtors, Home-buyer seminars, educators, Civic groups, and many other organizations.

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