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At Greenlight, Home Inspections

  • Maryland homes have higher than average radon levels.

  • Pennsylvania homes have even higher levels than Maryland.

  • Every home should be tested.


Radon testing is simple and unobtrusive. At Greenlight Home Inspections, we use the Radalink AirCat system and the Rad-Elec Recon to test for Radon. The monitors not only measures Radon, but also temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. In addition, the monitors have a battery backup and tilt sensors to virtually eliminate any chances of tampering with the results. The test requires a minimum of 48 hours of placement. After the test is complete, the inspector, uploads the data to Radalink. The data is analyzed by expert technicians and the results are text messaged to the inspector usually within that hour. A comprehensive report is then emailed to the client, and by request, to the clients agent.

Greenlight Home Inspections is PA-DEP state certified to perform Radon testing in Pennsylvania

For more information about Radon, click here

Radon Rates - Maryland  $189*

Baltimore City

Baltimore County

Carroll County

Frederick County

Howard County

All other areas - call for pricing

Radon Rates - Pennsylvania  $219*

Adams County

York County

all other areas - call for pricing

*Discount applies when Radon testing is bundled with a home inspection.  Call for details.


Facts about Radon

1 - Radon is a toxic gas that can get into the interior air of your house
2 - Radon is a colorless, odorless gas
3 - The only way to know if you have a Radon issue is to test for it.
4 - Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the US
5 - You can have elevated Radon and your neighbor may not and vice versa
6 - Maryland has higher than average Radon concentrations in many counties
7 - Mitigation of Radon costs less than most minor home projects

Elevated Radon rates by County in Maryland - click here

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