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Recall check & 90 Day Warranty

 For information and claims: 1-800-544-8156

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90-Day WarrantyProgram 

Each inspection that we perform comes with a 90-Day Warranty that covers mechanical and structural issues that arise after the inspection takes place and covers items that we found to be in working conditions. We offer a warranty, not because it was a bad home inspection, but because things happen after the inspection takes place and we want to make sure we are protecting the buyers when this happens. The warranty is good for 90 days from the inspection date OR 22 days from closing, whichever comes later. There is a $0 deductible and claims are handled within 72 business hours. We want to make sure we are reducing the agent liability and at the same time providing the buyer the best value possible.

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Recall Chek

For being a client of Greenlight Home Inspections, the clients will be getting a RecallChek report, in which you will receive a report, that will tell you if there are any recalls on any of the major appliances in the home, and if there is they get a FREE In-Home repair from the manufacturer. We email the report usually within a week after the inspection. We will also send you a monthly RecallTrak email that checks on any new recalls you have and you get this for LIFE as part of your home inspection with us. This monthly email will allow you to add/update appliances for FREE at any time.

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Alarm Program 

Greenlight customers are also eligible for discounts to our exclusive security alarm program through Inspector Services Group.  Inspectors warranty group will contact you with information about alarms. An email will be sent prior to the call and you can opt out of the program.  There is never any obligation, however, this is a very good value available to Greenlight Home Inspections clients.

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